How to activate the McAfee software that came pre-installed on your new Windows PC


Follow the steps on this guide to trigger the subscription to the McAfee software that came pre-installed in your new Microsoft Windows PC.

To finish activation, enroll your McAfee software in the following way:

NOTE: McAfee strongly recommends that you enroll with a live email address; if you have to reset your password, we’ll send an email to the address you used to register.

Open your McAfee software and click on Your Subscription. You’ll be taken to the McAfee site to finish the remaining steps.
Produce a strong password (comprising a combination of eight lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and logos) and click on Next. For advice on developing a strong password, visit:

Your McAfee account has been established, along with your McAfee software triggered.

If you aren’t able to enroll using the steps above, contact Technical Support to fill out the activation process. If you can, have the reception for your personal computer purchase available once you contact us
When activation is complete, use the Verify Subscription feature to sync your own installed McAfee software along with your new account:

Right-click that the McAfee icon from the application tray beside the clock and then click on Verify Subscription.
Await the process to finish, then open your McAfee software and click on Your Subscription.
Confirm that the appropriate expiry date is revealed.

For more information you can visit: or contact us.

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