How to download and install McAfee All Access on your smartphone


McAfee All Access


Use the instructions on this guide to download and install McAfee All accessibility to your smartphone. For assistance with installing All accessibility to additional devices, visit the Related Information section. Get Support for Mcafee by total protection experts.


If you currently have a standalone (non-McAfee All Accessibility) backup of Mobile Security in your own device, contact Technical Support for help. Any previous backed-up information is secure, and you are able to transfer it to a account after. If you have previously used another edition of Mobile Security about precisely the same device, all data backed up to this account will be automatically transferred to a account.

If you’ve used Mobile Security earlier, however have shifted either your device and telephone number lately, you may not automatically see your own information out of the other account. Contact Technical Support to steer you through the account migration procedure.


  • To protect your smartphone do the following from Your House computer:
  • If you aren’t currently in My Account, open an internet browser and visit
  • Log into a My Account page together with your McAfee password and email.
  • Choose the smartphone and click on Send Connect.

NOTE: Make sure that every cell phone number you specify is unique and belongs into the smartphone you’re adding. If you get an error that a telephone number is already being used, contact McAfee support.

Choose the way you wish to Get your setup connection:

  • Text to me personally Sends you an SMS message using the setup link.
  • Mail me: Emails you the setup link.
  • Give me the internet address: Shows the install link in your display.
  • From the smartphone
  • Open the text message or email in and then choose the URL to open the webpage into your mobile browser.

NOTE: If you selected to have the web address and activation code displayed in the previous step, then tap to input this content from the browser.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to download and set up your program.
  • Produce a fresh six-digit PIN. This PIN is required if you log into the Mobile Security site to handle your smartphone.
  • Inspection your information from the Mobile Security Welcome webpages, then choose End.

To utilize McAfee All Accessibility to safeguard all of the devices on your house:

  • If you aren’t in My Account, open an internet browser and visit:
  • Log into a My Account page together with your McAfee password and email.
  • Click on the (+) icon.
  • Pick the device type that you need to safeguard. You’ll be able to install software on the device you’re on or send links to your friends and family, so that they can safeguard their devices.

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