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How to obtain the complete Live Safe – Internet Security product set on a Dell PC

Last Updated on May 21, 2017


  • McAfee Live Safe – Internet Security 13.x (and later)
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Dell computers


Customers who purchase a Dell pc are eligible for some McAfee Live Safe – Internet Security subscription. The software is sold pre-installed on Dell computers and can be protecting your pc, but isn’t yet activated or fully installed.

Your www.mcafee.com/activate software will connect to the Internet, download the required elements, and trigger using your subscription provisions within the initial four weeks of your PC’s operation on line.

IMPORTANT: Your personal computer has to have an Internet connection to download and then set up your complete McAfee Live Safe product collection.

This ensures that you are secure, right from the box. About 20 minutes after your start using your pc for the very first time, Live Safe connects and updates itself so that your subscription is set up; no reboots or upgrades are essential.

How can I know my Live Safe setup is complete?

If you open Live Safe, click Navigation, and choose Features, you will notice a list of additional product features you’re entitled to, but have never been downloaded and set up nonetheless. Pick some of those features and click on Next, follow the onscreen instructions to finish the install. If you do nothing, then these features will download and be active automatically over the next four weeks.

Imagine if my additional product features didn’t install and download within one day?

Live Safe is designed to set up and set up quietly, without the intervention required. If for any reason this procedure Doesn’t happen, and you Aren’t able to see all of the features your subscription is eligible for, touch McAfee support along with your Dell service tag to help us solve the problem immediately:


Live Safe will keep striving, and Virus Scan will continue to guard you. Connect your computer to the Internet utilizing a high-speed link so Live Safe may communicate with our servers and fully upgrade.

Which are the Probable countries my McAfee Live Safe – Internet Security could be in?

There are 3 possible states your Live Safe product could be in:

  • Pre-Entitlement: you’ve powered in your Dell PC, however Live Safe hasn’t yet performed the initial upgrade and verified that your subscription. Within this condition, Live Safe is currently protecting your computer from malware, however, you don’t yet have all your product features active and installed. If you open Live Safe and click on About, you may notice just Safety Centre and Virus Scan. Additionally, your subscription will reveal just a 30-day activity.

This condition occurs before the initial check in, normally within 20 minutes of powering on your computer.

  • Pre-provision: Once Live Safe has downloaded your subscription information, you can view your proper subscription length and also each of the product features you’re entitled to your subscription, by clicking Navigation and picking Features. These product features aren’t yet downloaded or triggered, but they’ll download and trigger within a few hours. You may opt to set up these features by simply selecting them and clicking on following, or do whatever and Live Safe will automatically download and activate them inside a four-hour period.
  • Default supply: If you enrol the McAfee product before we’re able to successfully contact Dell’s servers, then you may be enrolled using a Default entitlement. In this circumstance, McAfee will try to reconcile your conditions when they become available. You will still get a complete product collection, and you’ll nevertheless be shielded out of box with no intervention from you.

Get Support for Mcafee by www.mcafee.com/activate total protection experts.