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LockerGoga Ransomware Shuts Down Norsk Hydro

Last Updated on April 4, 2019

Ransomware, as well as other malware, are increasingly becoming concern to governments and organizations across the world due to the damage the cyber-crime attackers can cause to censorious national infrastructure or industrial systems. Get Support for Mcafee by www.mcafee.com/activate expert.

The most recent case of such an attack involves the Norsk Hydro organization. On 19th March this year, ransomware, nicknamed as LockerGoga, was used to take down the entire network of Norsk Hydro, which is one of the largest aluminum companies in the world. LockerGoga effectively crippled the company’s production and operations. The webcast media briefing confirmed the severity of the attack whereby one of the senior executives stated that their whole worldwide network was down.

The malware which encrypted the company’s computer files began on the 18th in the US and increased rapidly on the 19th forcing Hydro staff to issue an update via social media. Also, Hydro provided a warning to their employees, instructing them not to use any of the organization’s network to log in to their computer.

The company, through its executives, released a statement stating that they were not planning to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers to restore their files. Instead, they stated that they would use their backup servers to restore the lost files. Get Support for Mcafee by mcafee.com/activate expert.