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Avoid Risky Cyber Search Traps

Tips to Help Your Family Avoid Risky Cyber Search Traps

Last Updated on November 19, 2018

The Internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day activities. It’s playing a revolutionary game in the modern technological world where people can run their business, host online meetings, trade and even entertain themselves. As far as technology is leveraging most aspects of our daily lives, it comes with some inevitable challenges that can work to our disadvantage. It may take a fraction of a minute to get results from your favorite Search Engine, however, it takes seconds to suffer the malicious intents of cyber search traps. Get Support for Mcafee by www.mcafee.com/activate expert.

McAfee recently released a list of ten Most Dangerous Celebrities whose popularity is being exploited by hackers. These cyber-criminals targets innocent fans searching the internet for their photos, news and even videos. Among those topping the list include Ruby Rose- the influential actress (featured in the movie Batwoman) and a number of Sitcom & Tv actors including Debra Messing, Kristin Cavallari and Kourtney Kardashian. With this McAfee’s report, it’s undoubtedly clear that every member of your family is susceptible to cybersecurity threats- your kids included.

Below are some safe clicking practices that can help prevent the risky cyber search traps. Read on to get started.

1. Be wary of third-party music/Photo/game downloads and video streaming sites: Our attachment to free or nearly-free goodies is one of the universal human weaknesses. Kids and even adults will browse through the web pages just to click on that “free download link”. While this isn’t a bad idea, it’s a risky one that has a number of severe consequences. Hackers are nowadays using the bait and switch techniques where you are temporarily directed to a download page before being switched to a malicious one. Such sites run highly destructive java scripts that can mess up with your browser and end up downloading malware. To avoid this, advice your kids to avoid the free bootleg content and instead wait for the official release of safe and legitimate movies or games.

2. Update your OS and Browser regularly: If you are running an outdated Operating System or browser; chances are you’ve already suffered one or two mild cyber-attacks. To stay safe, keep your devices up to date with the most secure versions of anti-virus and anti-malware. Such updated software often comes with security updates and bug-fixes that will keep the hackers busy before making any move.

3. Choose the links carefully: Before clicking on that link and proceeding to execute the commands, do some assignments. Check the website’s connection type and its URL. If you find some offensive adds and provocative pop-ups; then you can exit without causing your device any harm.

4. Protect your device: You can do this by installing a trusted anti-malware software on your device. McAfee Total Protection, for example, is one of the reputable anti-virus software that has stood the test of time and weight of scrutiny in the market. It has an outstanding and solid security protocol that can protect your device against phishing attacks, malware, Rootkits, Trojan horse and Ransomware.

5. Choose a parental control software: Parental control software not only protect your kids from accessing offensive sites on the internet but also keep your device safe from hackers and cyber search traps. With this software, you can have control of what your kid can access on the internet and even make it a routine to balance between daily responsibilities and social time spent online. You can also limit the screen time and use software filters that detect and block malicious sites such as those using file name tricks to download and install malware on your device. Get Support for Mcafee by mcafee.com/activate expert.


To keep your family safe from hackers and their fraudulent bots; it’s important to understand online cybersecurity and familiarize yourself with the most common weak-spots when consuming content from the internet. Hackers are constantly inventing and polishing new techniques that will see their plans succeed with little to no hindrance. With the above smart clicking tips, you can rest assured that you’re not breeding some viruses and bots that can compromise your safety.