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What is McAfee cloud security?

Last Updated on May 27, 2021

With almost all modern businesses incorporating some form or degree of cloud based storage and solutions into their business, the issue of cloud security- whether public or private- has become a genuine problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you are using a cloud service from a third party and are not being provided with a robust security system that leaves no room for any vulnerabilities, then you must look into investing in an effective and strong McAfee cloud security solution.

What can you do with McAfee cloud security?

Not only does McAfee cloud security aim to make your data storage on the cloud an extremely safe and secure prospect, but it also wants to make the operations that much simpler and efficient as a whole.

The McAfee Total Protection cloud security solutions have been specially formulated to integrate with the rest of the system so as to help streamline your operations and make data sharing and storage an efficient process.

You can also connect directly to your Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure accounts for the direct transfer of data through an extremely secure channel. As long as your third party accounts meet the security and regulatory requirements that have been put forth by McAfee total protection cloud security solutions, you can use them to create an elaborate interconnected network that enables effective communication and collaboration. Read about how to deal with cloud security risks?

McAfee MVISION cloud security

The MVISION Cloud security service offered by McAfee is a kind of a CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker that detects normal and abnormal activity on the cloud, provides protection to sensitive information, and takes the necessary actions to stop any potential security threats that your information may become susceptible to.

With MVISION Cloud, you get access to features such as comprehensive and consistent monitoring of all cloud activity, data encryption using enterprise controlled keys, as well as thorough insider threat detection that immediately alerts you if anyone is found stealing your data or manipulating it with malicious intent.

Once your cloud data has been classified by MVISION Cloud, it enforces DLP or Data Loss Prevention policies to make sure you do not lose anything through cloud based email and messaging systems.